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Most artworks are Hetalia fanarts and there might be yaoi artworks soon.
Thank you very much for all the browsing, viewing, watching, comments and favorites.

as long as you credit me :3


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:v i am sorry if your deviation(s) is included in the wrong folder. I usually use my phone when favorite-ing things (lol) . XD don't worry, I always fix it once I'm on my laptop.



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:iconkikuhondaplz::icondivider-2::icondivider-2::icondivider-2:AsaKiku In All Forms by ChokorettoMilku:icondivider-2::icondivider-2::icondivider-2::iconderedereenglandplz:

oh hi there! :iconblushplz: I'm known as Shiki to most of my friends. Shikimochi-kun is my nickname in Pixiv, so yep, call me "Shiki" just in case. (`・ω・´)b

Anywaaaay, I love anime-manga related things. :iconlaughingplz: I'm an obsessive fangirl(or fanboy. :3 i might be a trap lol) and fujoshi(or fudanshi) at the same time... :iconhungaryplz: so I like Yaoi :iconhappyskipplz: very much... I love playing various games and I don't really have specific genres. I mostly play MMORPG or Visual Novels *cough*withbishounens*cough* :iconnosebleedingplz: . I'm a TYPE-MOON fan and a Vocaloid fan with Hatsune Miku being my most favorite singer. :iconheartrollplz: I also love Hetalia so I'm currently a proud member of that fandom. :iconheavenlyplz: I ship ALMOST everyone but not everyone, okay? I have my likes and dislikes, people. XD :iconheadbandkikuplz: :iconsmartyplz: I also like reading than watching so I usually prefer manga and light novels over anime. I like reading fanfictions and other novels as well. It would be brilliant if you could suggest beautiful stories and novels.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ A short description should be fine, right? :icongorishockuplz:
┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ) I don't like describing myself too much. Don't worry~ I don't bite. I'm a friendly person! I just flip random things... and people as well~ (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \) :iconicelandfukkiretaplz: :iconnorwayfukkiretaplz: :iconenglandfukkiretaplz:

:icongintrollfaceplz: AHAHAHA! No... Actually, seriously... :iconkaguratrollfaceplz: I throw people... I just love to flip them~ and I'm the type of person who swears...... A LOT *facepalm* :iconshintrollfaceplz:

please do follow me if you feel like it.


Facebook Page
I'm mostly active there and I usually dump my artworks, WIPs, and other stuffs there! XD


〆(・∀・@) that's all for now. :iconsayhiplz: don't forget to say hi if you happened to stumble here. Thank you very much!

:iconbraginskiplz::iconkolkolplz: :iconpervitaliaplz::iconveveplz:
:iconsadjapanplz::icondivider-2::icondivider-2::icondivider-2:Arthur x Kiku stamp by Tea-Strawberry:icondivider-2::icondivider-2::icondivider-2::iconukeengland2plz:


Hetalia reader inserts
624 deviations


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:icongar6galego: I dunno. XDD I just want to try the premium thing LOL and I wanna change username HAHAHAHHA! and probably to give badges? XDDDDDDDDDDDD :iconheartrollplz:

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4.) Go to their pages and inform they that they have been TAGGED!5.) Not something stupid like 'you are tagged you read this.'
6.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people  <- I've broken this rule a long time ago HAHAHHAHA
7.) No tag-backs.
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Frog dance So I was tagged by :iconanime-youtube-jpop:-san, so here are my answers to her questions [MMD emoticon] Miku on a chair :

1. Do you like yaoi? (If so, what is your fav one)
- I don't like yaoi. I love yaoi hahaha! I haven't been able watch BL series  lately (or can I consider Free! as a BL series?) but I'll probably answer Free! for now even though it's not BL, I still love my ReiNagi(or NagiRei). Haha 

2. What does this mean: A ship shipping ship, shipping shipping ships?
- Ships shipping their kind..... I don't know HNNNGGGG 

3. Have you seen `Racist Mario` yet? > : )
- Nope 

4. Did you guys know that tuna tastes like human flesh? (Sorry I ruined it for you Troll!!! by NomNomCookie123)
- not totally true though, well, I have not tried tasting human flesh before. I always have a can of tuna in olive oil every breakfast and tuna sandwich with earl grey is really the best combination I've had so far(second is hamburger. I can't believe that tea and burger is actually good together). I actually don't like tuna when cooked, it tastes weird XDDDDD I will just stick with my tuna in olive oil.

5. Would you crossdress and walk around in public on a dare?
- I have done this before actually. I'm a cosplayer anyway ;D 

6. What is your fav Vocaloid song?
- It will always be "Melt" by ryo and Hatsune Miku. I actually have lots of favorites but that is the very first song that caught my attention and the reason why I fell in love with Vocaloid.

7. Have you ever played the pocky game?
- Nope

Chiyo Fangirling Icon  OF COURSE

9. TO the Hetalia fans: Are you excited that *World Stars* is coming out soon!!! :iconamericapartyhardplz:
- I'm totally thrilled of it actually but not to the point that I almost can't sleep every night thinking of it then will suddenly roll off the bed while thinking of those cutie patoties. TBH, when I discovered about that I was like "Oh, Himaruya is back with Hetalia World Stars. Time to check out his blog" and nothing else. I've been rather busy these past few weeks.

10. Go give a random someone a hug.
- I will just give Canada a hug (referring to my Canada pillow that I bought from a convention I attended last April)

I'm Dead  I do not know who to tag so I have no one to tag here APH Italy Roll Squeal 
  • Playing: School Idol Festival

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